Sunday, January 13, 2013

A letter to The Australian

A counterpropagandist's work is never done. . . .

Dear Editor,

The next time you publish a letter from Graham Davis of Suva, Fiji ("What Fiji needs", 14-13/1), you should add a disclaimer that, in addition to being host of SCA's public affairs programme The Great Divide, Mr Davis is a propagandist for the Fiji government. Mr Davis admitted in September on his blog Grubsheet Feejee that he is a consultant to the U.S. public relations firm Qorvis Communications, which is contracted by the military dictatorship in Fiji. He recently participated in a smear campaign there against Professor Yash Ghai, the world renowned constitutional law expert who led recent consultations on and drafting of Fiji's fourth constitution. This has been widely seen as an effort to discredit provisions of the Ghai draft constitution which are unpalatable to the Fiji regime, such as the return of basic human rights like press freedom.

Marc Edge
Vancouver, Canada

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