Friday, January 11, 2013

Old Croz must be turning red

Poor old Croz must be trying to figure out how to block me like Grubby does after having to delete another uncomplimentary comment from your humble counterpropagandist. The octagenarian Kiwi academic/blogger was likely already blushing after his beloved dictator betrayed any faith the international community may have clung to that Fiji's constitutional process might proceed untainted by regime intereference. Instead it must be painfully obvious to all by now that Commodore Frankly Bananas is intent on rigging the rules to allow him to stay in power perpetually as King Bananas I with the support of his personal propagandists Graham Davis, the Fiji Sun, and yes, Old Croz.

"Keep Cool! This is a Time for Clear Thinking," the blog entry was headlined on Fiji: The Way it Was, Is, and Can Be. Croz was probably starting to feel the rancour directed his way from this quarter and others for his part in the Trash Ghai campaign that led up to the junta's trashing of the draft constitution. But old Croz just does not give up in his apologism. Believe it or not, he just couldn't keep from compulsively pimping Frank one more time.
There is far more to the credit of a government that launched the People's Charter that won the support of two-thirds of the adult population, despite opposition from these self-same critics and others in the old political establishment.  I cannot believe that a government that has placed so much emphasis on racial equality, a shared Fijian identity, national unity, and has done so much towards improving the country's physical and institutional infrastructure, not to mention its efforts to assist rural communities and the poor, is merely in power for self-serving purposes. 
To hear Old Croz tell it, Fijians simply don't realise how good they've got it under the rule of King Bananas I. "They need to know how relatively lucky they are in this essentially benevolent dictatorship." To believe Croz, the latest mess is as much the fault as others who would dare to meddle in Frank's plans. Yes, believe it or not, far from being Frank's fault, according to old Croz, there is more than enough blame to go around. Yes, he actually finds fault all around in the disgraceful episode.
First one or another of those capable of finding solutions, whether it be Government, opposition to Government, an NGO or a foreign government, manages to put their foot in it, which in turn produces actions and reactions from the other parties involved, with an escalation of emotions, finger pointing, the intemperate use of words — and an escalation of the problem that needs resolution. No one says  "Stop", and moderate, calming voices are silent.
Sorry, Croz, now is not the time for moderate words. The strongest condemnation possible is the only appropriate reaction to what Bananas I has done. It is obvious to everyone else, even if it itsn't to you and Grubby, who are both on the junta's payroll. Surely even you must be geting just a little bit embarrassed by your undying apologism by now. (Although I would never expect that of Grubby, who is totally shameless.) There is only one hope for Fiji now: Frank must go. Sooner than later. This is getting Frankly Ridiculous. But what do we get from Croz? Only utter undying devotion to toadying for the dictator. "Then there are the old political parties and the anti-government blogs," Croz complained. "I  recall little to no  approval or encouragement for anything government has attempted.. It has always been criticism, criticism, criticism." And why would that be, Croz? Could it be because the dictator has been acting like a . . . well, like a dictator?

Even the New York Times noticed, reporting that the junta "intends to discard a draft constitution unveiled last month by a renowned professor of constitutional law, a key component of measures intended to help return the coup-plagued nation to democracy ahead of elections set for late next year. . . . in favor of one written by the government itself."
The draft constitution . . . may have rankled some within the government because it sharply constrained the power of the military and required the formation of a transitional government ahead of the elections. Members of the junta would have received immunity from prosecution in exchange for apologizing for their actions, which may have been another stumbling block.
But old Croz is prolly turning a deeper shade of crimson after reading my comment on his obsequious blog entry, which he found so objectionable that he deleted it. You can decide for yourself if the following was out of line or simply uncomfortable criticism that Croz obviously could not abide.
Here's one thing I can agree with: "Government's actions have not been flawless.  Its PR has been appalling." As part of its apologism machine, you should be ashamed. Here's one thing I cannot agree with: "The media is relatively free. Things could be much, much worse." First, your subject-verb agreement is appalling. The word "media" is a plural. It should thus be "The media are relatively free." But they are not. Freedom House ranked Fiji in 2012 as 127th out of 197 countries. RSF ranked Fiji in 2011-12 as 117th out of 179 countries. I recently contributed to the forthcoming rankings, and I don't think they will be going upwards. Here's another thing I cannot agree with: Graham Davis's explanation on Why the Ghai draft is to be modified. It was beyond appalling, adding anonymous slander to your irresponsible gossip. Here is my take on that. Here is somebody else's take on it. (EDITOR'S NOTE: HERE IS ANOTHER.) Delete this comment if you wish, but if you do I will expand it into an  entry on my blog. Someone has to counter your vile propaganda. You are talking about things you know nothing about.
That'll teach you. Talk about making things worse for yourself. Keep it up, Croz. I've got lots more where that came from. Now you've got me going. So does Bananas.

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